Micro-crédit summit Intervention of Mme Essma Ben Hamida

Enda inter-arabe is now in its 27th year of activity. It introduced micro-credit in 1995.

At end-2015, we had over 270 000 active clients and provided loans valued at $225 million with a portfolio of $ 150 million. Our 80 branches throughout the country were served by a staff­ of 1 300, mostly graduates.

Enda has been self-suffcient since 2003.

This January, the micro-nance company we created, Enda Tamweel, began operations, taking over the financial services, while the NGO, Enda inter-arabe, will be expanding and broadening our non-financial services. Throughout these 26 years, we have been practising partnerships, both before and since micro-credit. We expect these to expand now that the NGO (non-financial services) will be separate from the company.

Enda deals with a broad range of micro-enterprises, including over 40% in rural areas. I shall illustrate our partnerships with several examples.

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